Camel Trekking 3 Nights in Erg Chebbi Dunes



This trip begins after a relaxed lunch (depending on when you arrive). Our camels will be packed with food, blankets and all necessary things we need for our trip. This trek will start right into the desert. The route we take will lead us to a small oasis right in the middle of the dunes. This is where we will spend the night under starts in nomad tent.
It will be really magical night when the sky is clear and covered by stars and they shine with intensity. During the first night we will have a wonderful dinner around a campfire.
In the morning, after breakfast we will head around 2 hours to reach our next destination. We stop for lunch next to a desert tree ‘Tamarisk’ for about 1.5 hrs. In the shadow of this tree, we will have tasty desert lunch and then we head towards the home of a Nomadic family with whom you will spend your second night and share some time with this Nomad family. The next day after our breakfast with the Berbers we will head towards another small oasis in the middle of the desert.

Before reaching the camp we will stop on the way for desert lunch. Your last (third) night will be spent with a Berber nomad family living in this oasis. During dinner we will have a fantastic drum music party under stars in the desert. Then after breakfast we travel back to the village of Merzouga or to your riad/hotel/auberge.
Each day will involve between 90 minutes to 2 hours of riding a camel or walking along side one.

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Questions and Answers:

How to get to Merzouga using Morocco’s public transport, departing from Marrakech? (From Marrakech to Merzouga)?
– The bus (Supratours) departs from Marrakech to Merzouga daily at 8.00am and arrives in Merzouga at 21:00.

How to get to Merzouga departing from Fes? (From Fes to Merzouga)?
– The bus (Supratours) departs from Fes to Merzouga daily at 19:00 night and arrives in Merzouga at 06:00am.

How will we meet in Merzouga (desert)?
– We organise the desert tour from a hotel near the desert , so (1) If you are coming to Merzouga by a rental car we will wait for you in Rissani town, 35km before Merzouga Erg Chebbi, and then we will guide you to Sahara Erg Chebbi For your camel trek. (2) If you are coming by bus, we will wait for you at the bus station in Merzouga or Rissani.

NOTE: please, before departure from any city of Morocco,

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