Morocco Adventure Merzouga 4×4 Excursions



Sahara Gate Tours: offer some fantastic 4×4 excursions to explore the region and in particular the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. This particular tour departs from our hotel at 09.30am after your breakfast. The Erg Chebbi dunes are bean shaped and cover an area 30km long and around 8-10km wide. This is a region of nomad Berbers, as opposed to Zagora and the M’hamid desert where many people are Bedouin Arabs. Around the Dunes of Erg Chebbi a few villages exist, Hassilabied, Tanamoust, Takojt, Khamlia, Tissardmine, Merzouga is the largest, and Taouz being the furthest south before the tar road disappears into the desert and becomes the Dakar Rally route.  Our first stop will be the seasonal lake known as Lac Dayet Sriji, this lake is known for its high biodiversity, in spring the dry salt lake fills with winter rain and is home to numerous bird species including flamingos which come to rest during migrations. We will take you to visit the village of Khamlia where the descendants of the Sudanese black slaves still live and you can enjoy listening to them play their wonderful Saharan Gnawa music. This region is rich in minerals and fossils from the time when it was once a sea, our tour takes us to the mines of M’fiss where you can see some of these and also we will take the off road Dakar Rally track to visit some nomadic people to share in their good hospitality and see their lifestyle.

Our other 4×4 excursions can be taken to discover more about the region and can be for one or more days. They can also include sunrise and sunset tours, and nights spent in our bivouac camp. If you have an interest in rock art, then we have a special tour to show you some amazing engravings in this region.

  • 4×4 Tour of the Dunes
  • 4×4 Bivouac
  • 4×4 Sunrise and Sunset Tour
  • 4×4 Adventures into the Desert
  • 4×4 Off Road Trips and Rock Art